All our chains, anklets and bracelets include a solid copper clasp and solid copper jump rings, ready to wear.

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Copper clasps types

We have three types of clasp available for our anklets, bracelets and chains.

All our copper chain is solid copper, the jump rings we use are solid copper and two of the three types of clasps that we have available are solid copper,  the other being a copper over brass overlay.

The most popular type is the lobster claw clasp. It is easy to connect the chain around your neck.

This type of clasp is copper over a brass base otherwise called a copper overlay. We have different sizes, as the style of chain gets wider, the clasp we put on it will be larger to correspond to the width.

The sister hook clasp is solid copper, it closes by taking the two claws and rubbing them together when you close it to create a nice snug closure.

The sister hook clasps works real  good on bracelets and chains that you want to put on and wear it all the time, it is harder to put it on and close and to open and  take it off, used more on thicker bracelets.

The fold over clasp is solid copper and clicks shut.

The durability is better on the lobster claw clasp to put on and take off then the fold over clasp.